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Our Journey To Feeling Good

Hello and welcome! If you have found yourself here, it means you are curious about our story!

My name is Priti Obhrai-Martin and this is my mother, Neena Obhrai.

Last year I was bedridden, fatigued and gaining weight due to the lack of energy. 
I had an auto-immune disorder AND I was going 

through Menopause.  

Flash Forward to today,

I have taken control of my life by understanding 

how to Fuel My Body properly, 

and in a few short weeks I will be climbing a Mountain to celebrate my 50th year around the Sun. 

Here in this space I will share my journey and some of the products I found that helped me gain my energy back.  It's important to note that while I am not a medical expert, and I am just sharing my experience to show that it IS possible to take control of your situation and make it positive.  

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