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My Journey To Feeling Good

Hello and welcome! If you have found yourself here, it means you are curious about our story

My name is Priti Obhrai-Martin and this is my mother, Neena Obhrai.

Last year I was bedridden, fatigued and gaining weight due to the lack of energy. It was a vicious cycle. 

Fast forward a year later, and I have changed my life by simply taking control over how I refuel my body, AND with by changing the voice in my head to be my greatest champion! 

Now in a few weeks I will be climbing a Mountain! 

I started my journey with the basic idea of taking control of my life through baby steps.  And the first step was to start fuelling myself with  positive energy. NOW My Essential Fuel.

As a mom, we are so busy worrying about how to take care of others, that we forget to fuel ourselves;  

My change happened when I decided to take care of myself as well.  

I am now in a space where I can now speak openly about my challenges with weight gain, with an auto-immune disease, with depression and with the challenges of being a working parent.  Yes Parent, because Fathers also have incredible pressures placed on them and they face the same challenges.  

Here in this space I will share my journey and some of the products I found that helped me gain my energy back.  It's important to note that while I am not a medical expert, and I am just sharing my experience to show that it IS possible to take control of your situation and make it positive.  

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